F14 BMW M6 Gran Coupe with Forgiato rims

I have a couple of questions that will give you a clue about today’s subject. What’s greater than an M6? An M6 Gran Coupe. And what’s greater than an M6 Gran Coupe? An M6 Gran Coupe with 21 inches Forgiato rims! There we go!

Ok. So let’s mention from the start that the engine remained the same well known V8, 4.4 liter turbo. And that it develops the same 560 hp, which are more than enough for…anything that could get through your mind.

Nothing has been changed under the hood, therefore we can expect the same 680 Nm and 4.2 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint. Then, what’s different about this car?

First, a few elements, emphasized by the powerful contrast between black and white. Between pure and evil. Between the beauty of the body lines and clean surfaces, and the aggressiveness of the dark carbon fiber front lip, which is not only interesting to look at, but also effective in keeping the car’s nose pointed to the ground at high speeds.

It perfectly matches other few functional elements, like, for instance, the slim rear wing. Which, by the way, isn’t placed at the trunk’s hood edge, but slightly forward. We don’t know the reason, but we must admit it looks more interesting this way. It also resembles perfectly in style and color with the big rear diffuser, meant to evacuate fast the air under the car, keeping it sucked by the asphalt.

Black bonnet, tinted windows, same purpose: great contrast, perfect match. As you can observe, I left the desert to the end. That’s because the black, super-light and aggressive wheels made by Forgiato are simply perfect for the M6’s nature.

Their 21 inch diameter is absolutely perfect for the body’s length, while the design is hardcore, heavy metal and pure, all together. And they’re black, enhancing the entire aspect of the car. And they let the M-blue calipers uncovered. And they’re perfectly sized for the body’s proportions. …oh, I’ve already said that!

I must take a walk, to chill out. Meanwhile, I let you admire this beast…

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