F83 BMW M4 by G-Power: the black beauty

This beauty has what it takes to steal our admiration: the silhouette, the color, the wheels and the power. And I’m not talking about the 431 hp from the factory!

The body isn’t changed much, but, in my opinion, this is the best thing G-Power could do! Because, unlike other controversial BMW designs, the 4 Series, and especially M4, is perfectly designed: dynamic, aggressive and, overall, beautiful.

Everything G-Power did, was to add a small, discrete front lip, equally for style reasons and for dynamic purposes. It doesn’t let the air get under the body, pushing the front axle down to the ground. The german specialists also added a small diffuser, for the same seasons: first, because it looks cool, and then, because it helps the small amount of air that entered under the car quickly get out of it.

The radiator grille has a black contour, to match the body color, and the tail lights are also black tinted. So, in one word, the car is totally black. That adds a mistery note to the car’s aspect.

And that’s it! All the body panels remained unchanged. No side skirts, no body kit. Nothing. It looks intriguing: different, yet the same. What truly changes the exterior aspect are the 21” Hurricane RR forged rims set, and the suspension kit, which drops the ride height by 0.5”. Together, they add aggressiveness to the modified M4.

And that stance is exceptionally backed by the car’s engine. It develops 600 hp, 169 more than the original model. The 740 Nm of torque, increased by 190 Nm, adds punch to the acceleration.

To increase the engine output, the german tuner did what it does best: ECU remap, turbo upgrade, and less-restrictive titanium exhaust. Voila: we have the image of a beautiful, sport cabriolet which can wait its owner in front of a 5 stars hotel, just to take him to a record-breaking lap at Nordschleife.

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