F80 BMW M3 looks astonishing on HRE wheels

When it comes to upgrade a car, the vast majority of owners prefer to start with the wheels. And there’s no mistake in it: they’re the elements that change the looks in the easiest way.

Why not chiptuning first? Mainly, because though it adds extra performance, it doesn’t show it to anyone. It’s true, the software modification is cheap, but only few owners are willing to adopt it before replacing the original set of wheels.

The aftermarket wheels don’t add only a sporty or elegant stance, depending on the case. They bring extra stability, by widening the track and enhancing the grip. More, in most of the cases, they are more rigid and lighter than the original ones, and that makes the car feel better in the fast corners.

It’s this F80 BMW M3’s owner’s case, which started with an impressive set of HRE Performance Wheels, with thin spokes. In front he fitted a 20 x 855 inches pair of wheels, while the rear wheels measure 20 x 10.5 inch. The design is perfectly matched with the high tech aspect of the body, while their graphite color is in par with the body’s beautiful Atlantis Blue paint.

There’s also an quite large amount of carbon fibre, including the carbon front splitter, the side skirts and the rear diffuser. The cake is completed with a touch of M Performance rear spoiler, kidney and mirror caps. However, there’s nothing mentioned about the engine upgrade. From what we can see, there’s a new suspension fitted, which make the car looking sportier. From we can see, it has what it takes to be a perfect ride!

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