BMW i8 by AC Schnitzer – dopped with style

Everybody seems to understand that the electric cars will rule the future. Therefore, when a tuner upgrades an electric or hybrid car, I look at it as at an investment in the future. And, since BMW i8 is one of the most powerful hybrid car on the market, there are many tuners who want to change either its output, or its aspect.

AC Schnitzer changed the way it looks and the way it drives. The aerodynamic kit is backed up by a lowered suspension, to add extra handling to the sports car. But first, let’s start with the body kit. It consists of front spoiler elements made of carbon fiber and a rear wing made from the same light and resistant material. Between them, a pair of side skirts adds aggressiveness. Their aim is to add pressure on both axles, so that the 4×4 car can keep the grip even during the fastest corners.

Most of them are logoed with the Aachen-based tuner emblem, so everybody knows who’s behind the work of art. But the german tuner didn’t stop here. It added a set of 21 inch set of forged wheels, especially designed for the hybrid model. They’re called AC1, and their aspect was influenced by the dual character of the car: two tones, five thin, double spokes, being as light as they could possibly be.

How light? About 30% lighter than the original ones, saving 4.4 kg. This improves the acceleration and the grip, thanks to the lower inertia. The wheelset is equally heavy as the original one, when tires are included, but they’re wider and have a bigger diameter. The result is better grip without weight increase.

Onboard, AC Schnitzer offers a aluminum pedals, foot rest and personalized velour floor mats. However, under the fenders, the tuner hidden the new suspension, which lowers the ride height by 25 mm in the front, and 20 mm in the rear. In the end, the customer gets a lower, wider car, more appropriate to its purpose of breaking speed records while maintaining the fuel-consumption at small cars’ level.

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