F80 BMW M3 by Mcchip DKR – pure power

The BMW M3 is, most probably, the greatest sport model made by the Bavarians. It has all it takes to bring the racing world into the C-segment. And it’s also one of the few series loved by any BMW passionate. And now, it’s even meaner, thanks to the Mcchip-DKR package.

I absolutely loved the 3 Series, no matter what iteration. From the purity of E30 M3, which, three decades ago, shaked the world of sport sedans, to the E90 M3, the last one using a naturally-aspirated, V8 engine, the special model’s life was one of the most successful in the industry.

This year, the M3 celebrates 30 years since it was born. My way to wish it all the best, is by presenting you this special car. It doesn’t pack a spectacular look. This doesn’t come with special wheels, wide fenders or side skirts. It doesn’t even have a big wing. Still, it is garnished with carbon fiber made M Performance aero parts.

What’s so special about it, then? It’s its power. It’s brute, pure power. The original 431 hp are now history. They have been replaced by 530 hp, if the Stage 2 is applied, or, with the final Stage 3 modifications, by over 600 hp and 700 Nm of torque. That’s insane, if we think it’s a 3 liter engine! That’s over 200 per liter!

How’s this possible? In a few words – a new exhaust, a revised Stage 3 software and an improved turbo. The only thing modified at the rest of the car was its suspension. Now, it uses a KW one, more appropriate for the tremendous power.

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