BMW X6 Tuning

BMW X6 M Hamann Supreme is extreme in Gold

Rather remarkably, it seems that the BMW X6 M is considered to be a discreet car by some people so they seriously need some posh tuning.

Actually, some people need it to be outrageously tuned by the Germans at Hamann and even then they consider the Tycoon Evo kit to be unsatisfactory.

BMW X6 Hamann Supreme
BMW X6 Hamann Supreme

This is where the option for the Supreme package is ticked. What this means is that you get one massive change to the package that may seem superficial.

It all goes down to an added gold foil wrap for the exterior finish, some added carbon fiber details and some obviously necessary gold painted wheels.

That’s obviously something necessary but only because you wouldn’t want to ruin the color coordination of the final look would you?

Underneath the new and outrageous exterior, Hamann haven’t fitted anything new to the engine, suspension setup, braking kit or anything else that might affect the performance.

Still, the Tycoon Evo kit comes with enough punch not to need the extra tuning. After all, when you’ll attempt to race anybody they’ll probably be too busy laughing.

If he can control himself and keep on being focused on the lights he’ll need to be ready to face off the 4.4 liter V8 with twin-turbo goodness which develops 670 horsepower.

BMW X6 Hamann Supreme
BMW X6 Hamann Supreme

As a result, the BMW X6 M Hamann Supreme can get all of its gold and carbon fiber looking SAV body to go from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds.


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