E60 BMW 5 Series with four kidneys

How many kidneys do you have? What about your Bimmer? If you would have four, you’d have a problem, but there are never too many kidneys in your BMW. This item proves it.

It doesn’t matter where it keeps them. In this situation, though, they’re in the trunk, just like yours. But, unlike yours, they almost don’t have a functional purpose. No. They’re there for the beauty’s sake.

Why almost and not totally? Hint: they are a part of the sound system. If in front of the car they let the air in, inside its trunk they let the air from the bass system go out. The E60 BMW 5 Series belongs to Matt Schaeffer and, I have to say it, it’s not the most charming car I’ve ever seen. But, it’s certainly, one of the loudest and it has one of the most unusual trunk space.

Why? Because Matt customized a subwoofer system, which includes a BMW front grille. And a BMW inside a BMW doubles its value. It is a DIY work, and the owner is very proud of the final result. Both visually and for the ears.

I say…there might be a few problems. First – it may look like the bimmer is pregnant with another little bimmer. But why in the…bottom? Second: if your mother-in-law opens the trunk, she might experience a heart attack. Third: if you go in reverse with your trunk opened, you could get a ticket for driving on the wrong lane. Fourth: four kidneys double quantity of pee. And fifth: the efficient grille, which allows a great quantity of air pass through it, might disturb the neighbors.

But, in the end…it’s all about the bass. And what’s better than two kidneys? Obviously, four kidneys!

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