The fastest BMW 1 Series in the world: G1 V8 Hurricane RS

While we’re waiting for a conversion of the F21 BMW 1 Series, let’s take a look at the gorgeous G1 V8 Hurricane RS beast, made by G-Power tuner.

It’s based on the E82 generation and it’s a hugely powerful car. G-Power started from the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, an already upgraded model. It’s the most solid version of the 1 Series, and it borrows both, front and rear axles from the top of the 3 Series range: M3.

So, it had everything it takes to become a ferocious supercar. It only needed a proper engine and a fast and solid gearbox, to handle the power. And that’s what G-Power does best: fit powerful powertrains under small hoods. They grabbed a 4 liter, V8, M3 engine, together with its DCT gearbox and squeezed it to fit into the engine bay.

However, this wasn’t enough for G-Power’s specialists. They added a supercharger system, to reach a sensational 600 hp and 580 Nm of torque at 5400 rpm. These numbers are big enough to set the standard in the segment: the first 100 km/h are reached in 4.4 seconds. The acceleration to 200 km/h lasts 12.7 seconds. Top speed of the car is over 330 km/h. This performance makes G-Power state loud: the G1 V8 Hurricane RS is the fastest BMW 1 Series ever made!

So, is it only a damn fast car? No. It’s also exclusive. The car’s interior is wrapped in the finest combination of leather and Alcantara and it’s even more exclusive than BMW Individual equipment. But let’s keep in mind that all this combination of power and luxury comes with a price. In this case, is 141.177 euro.

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