BMW M2 Tuning

F87 BMW M2 with Hamann wheels

One of the first mods to do when buying a car, is replacing its wheels. Not necessarily with larger ones, but preferable, with a lighter set. If they also add style, the better they are!

Since we presented you yesterday a combination between the German F87 M2 and the Italian Supersprint exhaust, which worked perfectly, allow us today to show you a a set of German wheels on a German car. How do you think they match?

Their name is Anniversary Evo, their diameter is 20 inch, and the design with thin spokes is as classy as it can be. Surely, Hamann will offer much more than only a set of wheels for the BMW M2. But they still keep it secret. However, based on their previous works of art, we can bet it’s a kit made of carbon fiber, which includes a new front splitter, continued with side skirts and a generously dimensioned rear diffuser. A big rear wing must also be part of the feast. You can probably buy them separately, as independent parts found in the official offer.

A lowering suspension kit could and probably will be added, bringing extra stability on track while improving the car’s stance on road. Hamann specialists will modify the 365 hp engine, bringing it to the vicinity of 400 hp and shortening the 0-100 km/h acceleration time from 4,1 seconds to (probably) 3.5 seconds. All of these with the help of the newly-developed exhaust.

The interior will be garnished with typically Hamann elements, including pedal set, knobs, shifter and door sills, personalized with the company’s logo.

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